the one and only death blues funeral trash orchestra

Some of you readers know it already:
Shortly before our Alain Croubalian passed away on Sep 03rd, 2021, THE DEAD BROTHERS finished the recordings for a new album: „Death is Forever“ is the  very final Album, a farewell album, released October 13, 2023 on Voodoo Rhythm Records ! .
The remaining members of the Dead Brothers plus some guests will play three album Release / Farewell shows:
19.11.2023 CH – Zürich, El Lokal  – Tickets
23.12.2023 CH – Thun, Cafe Mokka  – Tickets
06.01.2024 CH – Biel- Le Singe  – Tickets will be available soon

„Dead Brothers concerts are amazing mixture of excellent music and dramatic entertainment“

That’s meanhwile proven in such countries like Argentinia, Brasil, Greece, France, Russia Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Italy., Great Britain… etc, etc….
The sound is bewildering, poisonous and intimate at the same time. A funeral orchestra meets mountain folk music, punk rock meets Wagners‘ gothic and we invented a new style: blackgrass, the dark side of bluegrass. Cowshit on snakeskin boots…
Tuba, Fiddles, Mandolines , Harmonium. a Marching drum, and other percussions, banjos, the sixties twangy Hopf guitar, hawaian lap-steel, a singing saw and other hobo suitcase percussion. Yes, that’s the sound of the Dead Brothers !
Heartbreaking news – 03. September 2021:
For a very sad reason no one could foresee, the concert in Biel in August 2021 was the very last DEAD BROTHERS concert ever.
Our friend and Dead Brothers mastermind Alain Croubalian passed away on 03. Sept. 2021. And so the Dead Brothers went their way to stay forever…
Thank you Alain… we love you wherever you are now.
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„The Dead Brothers have not recorded a record – they have created a world.“

And that’s proven on their 2014 album release „Black Moose“.
The central figure, the spiritus rectus of the album is the Black Moose – a mythological creature that has been there before the dawn of man, that has witnessed the demise of millenia of civilizations and that is perhaps the driving

force behind our perpetual fall into the proverbial dark night of the soul.
Lyrics merging the surreal and the hardboiled, the expressionist and the bizarre lead the way into an underground, clandestine world filled with failed revolutions, fellaheen flaneurs, con man chansoniers & mythological creatures of the night inhabiting decaying mental landscapes. Synocpations of oriental country and mesopotamian blues clash with Swiss psycho folklore and medieval troubadours high on ayahuasca.
Black Moose is a romantic record – romantic in the darkest sense possible, a record that sheds new light on the ancient notion that all beauty emerges out of pain.
Where does Friedrich Nietzsche meet central American revolutionaries and criminal bards drinking pisco sours made of kerosene with the devil himself…? …on The Dead Brothers‘ „Black Moose“!

CD/LP „the 5th Sin phonie“ – 2010
In 1998 the Dead Brothers Started in Geneva Switzerland a Whole New Music Area they mixed Gipsy Music with Blues Rock’n’roll and Delinquent Jazz .. they called themselves the Only Real Heavy Metal Band..sometimes they had up to 9 Tubas on Stage doing a Bo Diddley Beat … after 17 Years 4 Full Length Albums,
Tours Around the Globe, appearances in Operas Personal Tsunami Changes movie Soundtracks and and and… The Dead Brothers opening the Door to Another Area in the Weird Necromantic Wild and Bizarre World of Dead Alain Croubalian and his one and only Death Blues Funeral String Orchestra with many new members: Mago Dead Flueck: ( Zeno tornado, Filewile) Resli Dead Burri ( les trios Suisse , Padent Ochsner etc ) Matthias Dead Lincke . , Balts Dead Nill (Stiller Haas).. Stefan Dead Baumann . This new Album is mostly recorded in a Barn in the Swiss Mountains. The Songs are mostly Originals incl the Amazing Death Blues and The Power a Secret Holds exept Undertones punk rock Hymn Teenage Kicks and the Bauhaus Necro New Wave Classic Bella Lugosi’s Dead well
New is the Song writing aspect.. Text are mostly co written by SlowBoat Marc Littler… WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE and to the Obscure Cabinet of the AMAZING DEAD BROTHERS

The Dead Brothers‘ story so far…
Of course the dead brothers are dead. And they have always been. That’s how they stay free…
Alain Croubalian first invented the Dead Brothers in his head, after studying death, or more precisely ars moriendi, at the University of Geneva with Professor Jean Ziegler. He then staged a singing doctor selling drugs in cafes and telling the story of the blues standing on the bar. A band appeared the first time in 1993 and played only gospel songs, those sung by Elvis, at the Usine in Geneva. Soon two tubas where main feature with founding member Jean-Philippe Geiser playing Bo Diddley beats on his big horn. Dead Alain then started a circus. The Electric Circus with Alain Meyer, where musicians replaced animals and jugglers(they’re cheaper) They travelled Europe with 25 different bands including Reverend Beatman, Bob Log III, T-Model Ford, Withman Mc Gowan and Al Comet three years in a row. The first Dead Brothers drummer had a ladybug disguise (Axel from the band Tulip aus Hamburg) and a dark young lady, a black haired gothic guitar player called Barbara, strumming along (from Last Torridas‘ fame).
More than 20 ex-members have been Dead Brothers over the last 10 years: Fred Schmutz, Jean-Philippe Geiser, Barbara Bagnoud, Olli Franz, Julien Israelian, Zoe Capon, Axel Jansen, Holger Steen, Resli Burri, Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Alain Porchet, Christoph Gantert, Pierre Omer, Delaney Davidson, Yves Massy, Marcel Salesse, Morback, Denis Schuler, Matthias Lincke, Alain Meyer, Christoph Marti and the one and only dj Scratchy as last minute banjo invitee…This Dead Brothers Kapelle has, since then, taken many forms: A mega combo with three tubas, 9 other horns and a dead Brother puppet dancing, an folk guitar symphony orchestra, a primitive banjo and accordion duo that sounded like shit, ten members reproducing Kurt Weill’s arrangements of Brechts‘ 3 Penny Opera at the Basler Opera, three old acoustic Armenians sitting on chairs, a summer piano cabaret band with slide guitar and fiddle… you never know how they’re about to pop up…
So long live the dead brothers. Today they are on tour as the Dead Brothers‘ Sweet String Orchestra, a string band with lush arrangements; choosing a few exquisite venues for their new show(down) „Kreuzfahrt“.Dead Alain (guitars, banjos, vox) Matthias Lincke (violin and mandoline), Stefan Baumann (cello) and Patrick Kessler (double bass) are classically trained but also specialists in folkloric music of Switzerland, Austria and Macedonia. Matthias played in thecountry musig stubete with the Appenzeller Spaceschöttl and bluegrass like hell with the Krueger Family, he’s renovating swiss folkloric music with Echo and other yodeling figures. All todays‘ deads collaborate with the balkanic supersonics of the Dusa Orchester and the appenzeller Romobil. They are now in 2010 the Dead Quartett… 
Until 2019 they grew to a quintett , a sextett or sometimes to an octett.
Check them out soon in a theatre nearby…And remember : death always arrives when you least expect it.